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Your website is made-to-order, coded by hand, designed with heart, and never processed through a template.

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Ajay Pillay's illustration

Ajay Pillay


Hi, I'm Ajay, and I'm an avid Software Engineer from Singapore and currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love taking on tough technical challenges and building robust, powerful software to solve them. Here at Off Hours, a promise of mine is to build elegant, performant websites, and to communicate that process effectively with you. I strive to demystify the technicalities that come along with building a website, and ensure that your brand and identity evolves to be the best it can be.

Glendon Tan's illustration

Glendon Tan


I'm a finance major by education and management consultant by trade, based in Singapore. A problem solver by nature and a creative thinker by nurture, I divide my time equally between solving problems and making problem-solving easier. At Off Hours, I manage all things commercial and financial - so that you get nothing but the best websites at all-inclusive affordable prices.

Kevin Lau's illustration

Kevin Lau


Hey I'm Kevin, an art director and multidisciplinary designer from Singapore, currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. I've had extensive experience across a range of industries - building up startups in tech and finance, designing campaigns for marketing agencies, and even creating concert visuals for musicians and festivals. I manage all things visual and design at Off Hours, and I'm excited to bring your brand's stories to life.